1. The guerilla group of chieftain Paterakis with female members at Vafes, province of Apokoronas.

  2. Terpsichori Chryssoulaki-Vlachou from Sitia. She was operator of a wireless hidden in the Monastery of Toplu. She was arrested and executed in June 1944. She was 18 years old .

  3. Maria Glymidaki from Haravgi, Chania. She was arrested and sent to Auschwitz for her resistance work. The serial number engraved on her arm is still visible.

  4. The team that implemented the abduction of General Karl Kreipe. (left to right, seated): Stratis Saviolis, Patrick Leigh Fermor and Stanley Moss. (standing): Grigoris Chnarakis, Manolis Paterakis, Leonidas Papaleonidas, Giorgos Tyrakis and Nikos Komis.

  5. The women of Crete look like faces out of anancient tragedy marked by sorrow and human pain

  6. The inhabitants of Skourvoula, Messara province, in front of mass graves of fellow - villagers. The Germans finding only few men executed also women irrespective of age. Death toll: 18 women and 4 men.

  7. Dorotheos Tsagarakis from Psychro, of Lassithi County. Monk in the monastery of Vidiani, and vicar in the parish of Vassilies. He had a leading role in the resistance in Lassithi, but was captured, tortured and executed at Ayia on 25.10.1943.

  8. The guerillas of Petrakoyiorgis during Mass and Holy Communion at the monastery of Vrondissi, Zaros, prior the Tracheli combat.

  9. Manolis Katsanevas and his son Lefteris from Perivolia Chania facing their execution in silence and defiance of death. " The courage of Cretans facing the firing squad is legendary. Cretans turn to mythical figures. They are so proud during their tragic moment of death that one can hardly fail to admire their courage. When executions were to take place, I would leave my desk and walk out to the balcony just to watch and admire those proud people. Nowhere else have I witnessed such defiance to death, such love for freedom than on Crete"Alexander Andre, German Commander of the Fortress of Crete

  10. The combat at Vromonero Kroussonas on July 14, 1944. The guerilla on the left Sp. Misirlis died on this combat. Photo taken by the English liaison John Eberson.

  11. The old Cretan maintains his composure in the face of death and defies his executioners.

  12. The Dove, the harbinger of summer symbol of Peace in the warm bosom of the Cretan girl.

  13. The bad times are behind, the dark years are gone, and Freedom revels in jubilation.The wind of Freedom dispels the mist and people begin to smile and have a spree.

  14. "Resting in the soil, with hands crossed on their chests, they are holding the rope of the bell confident for the resurrection and liberation." G. Ritsos