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Special Thanks to:
  • PRAXIS (
    For Publishing the Cookery Book

    for the design and typesetting the Book

  • The Hellenic Bookservice in London (
    for making available the Book in the UK

  • G. Panagiotakis (
    Documents from the battle and the resistance of Crete
    by G. Panagiotakis ISBN 9608657032    

    For allowing the use of pictures and texts from the above book

  • CreteTravel (
    for preparing a webpage on their website dedicated to the memorial and the monastery

    Holy Monastery of Preveli thanks the following people:
  • Chryssoula Stavrianoudaki for offering the memorial design
  • Judy Adams and all individuals from around the world , who assisted her to prepare the Cookery Book. Moreover, R. Wilke of the Athens German Embassy who translated the book from English to German
  • The individuals from the Greek community of Perth, W. Australia for sending the Assembly/Display about the Battle of Crete, exposed in the Monastery’s Museum
  • Those publicized the idea of the Memorial
  • Vicky Daskalaki for assisting on translations
  • Maria Perisinaki, Maria Stavrakaki,Loukia Tsiaras, E.I. Alifierakis, E.A.Neonakis, and Tasie and Nikita Stamatakis, for assisting this effort on various ways
  • E.R. Alifierakis for his hard work and the coordination of the entire effort.

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