1. The Site-The land under consideration is an open and flat site, about 25meters distance left from the road that leads to the monastery, and 1,8 kms from the monastery itself.
  2. Maquette-View from the west
  3. Maquette-View from the east
  4. COOKING FOR CRETE-The book (by Judy Adams) contains recipes contributed by people from all over the world.
    All proceeds from the book will go to the Preveli project fund.
  5. From the foundation ceremony-Saluting of the officials from the Greek Army and Navy.
  6. From the foundation ceremony-The Mayor of Phoenix Mr. St. Kleidis welcoming the attendants.
  7. From the foundation ceremony-Panoramic view of the foundation ceremony.
  8. From the foundation ceremony-The civil and military officials and the foundation plaque of the Peace Memorial.
  9. From the foundation ceremony-Panoramic view of the ceremony outside the Monastery.
  10. From the foundation ceremony-Manos Mountakis’ cretan musical group.
  11. From the foundation ceremony-Ôhe factors of the international book "Cooking for Crete" participated on the foundation ceremony. From right the publisher Mr Spiros Koukidis, his wife Elena, the freelance writer Mrs Judy Adams and Martin Harrison.
  12. Inauguration ceremony - Blessing of the Memorial
  13. Inauguration ceremony - Flags and Memorial
  14. Inauguration ceremony - Local Musicians and Monument
  15. Inauguration ceremony - Cretan Dancers
  16. Inauguration ceremony - Project coordinator volunteer Manolis Alifierakis , the Memorial and the wreaths
  17. Project - Wide Panorama of the Site (prior to the placement of the sculptures).
  18. Project - Different levels of the site (prior to the placement of the sculptures)
  19. Project - Panoramic view of the Memorial
  20. Project - View of the Memorial
  21. Project - View of the Memorial
  22. Project - Closer view of the Memorial
  23. Project - Sculpture showing Abbot Agathangelos Lagouvardos armed.
  24. Project - Sculpture of an Allies' soldier